Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Annecy day 3:

Today began with a nice 8:30 lay in and a quick bit of breakfast. Then it was another rainy walk into town to the Bon Lieu for a very expensive and unnecessarily strong coffee before 'Being Bradford Dillman' had its first big screening in the Grande Salle. Me and Emma sat nervously at the front before we got called up on to the stage to do a nervous smile and wave. My legs were complete jelly and all I could think about was trying to not fall over and trip up the stairs. Thankfully we made it back to our seats in one piece.

Joe and I then headed in to town for a crepe. Caramel and cream..mmm. After eating too much and feeling sick we went to a brilliant screening called (wait for it..) 'The Audacious, Paradoxical and Extravagant World of Robert Sahakyants' which was a showcase of the Armenian director/animators work. It was an unexpectedly good screening and really funny. I'm definitely going to do a bit of research on him.
Then it was in to see 'Positif Turns 60' which is a variety of shorts from different techniques, genres, nationalities and time periods. It was great to see so many films from people including Nick Park, Yuri Norstein and a lovely little film called 'The Monk and The Fish'.

There was then just enough time to have a drink of water then back in to see the graduation short films. One of the best short films I've ever seen was screened called 'The Making of Longbird' it was really amazing. I was proper LOLing. Now it's the hike back up the worlds biggest hill to the hostel and a nervous nights sleep before the Q&A at 9am tomorrow morning. What a way to start the day..

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