Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Annecy day 2:

I started off today with a rubbish cup of tea and a walk along the lake to the Bon Lieu. I made sure I was early so I could get a ticket to the awards ceremony and closing party. when I got there I knew I'd been too efficient and was earlier than I expected but I didn't expect to be the first person to pick up a ticket! But I was and I did and I'm very excited about it!

I then stumbled across the breakfast Q&A talk with the directors so I stayed to watch that. I loved hearing the ideas behind the short films, I'll definitely be making that a daily trip.
I did a bit of present shopping then relaxed in the (finally) beautiful sun by the lake until the 2pm Shorts screening where I made a slight adjustment to my badge.
I accidentally found the markets in town, so spent a while having a nosey around those. Who knew there were so many different types of saucisson?!

Shorts in Competition 2 was a brilliant selection of films. My favourite so far I think. The ones that stood out were 'Fresh Guacamole', 'Pythagasaurus' and one that was so funny and had the whole audience laughing was 'Tram'. So it was hard to vote for a favourite out of those. But we did. It's a secret though..

After all the laughing I headed over to the German Animation Reception where we had the biggest buffet I've ever seen! But I tried not to be too greedy because after that we made our way over to the Disney Pixar BBQ. It was a lovely location, on a little beach right on the edge of the lake and drinks were served on white chalice's. It was all rather swanky. I stayed for a few hours and then made a mad dash to get to the 23:00 screening of the Graduation Shorts 1. Unfortunately I missed the film I wanted to see the most as it was on first and my dashing wasn't quite fast enough. On the plus side, as I left the Disney Pixar BBQ I got given a lovely limited addition Paperman print! So that's going on the wall as soon as I get home.

Now I'm in my child's bunkbed in the hostel and the boy across the room is playing drums with his fingers on his chest very loudly. Time to go to sleep..

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