Friday, 8 June 2012

Annecy day 4:

This morning began with a Q&A with the directors of the Short Films in Competition Programme 3. It was really interesting to hear the ideas and stories behind the animations. Being Bradford Dillman was last up so it was just a quick one as time was tight. Everyone was surprised by the fact that it's based on a true story - that Emma was told the same lie by her mum and that she did actually believe that she was born a boy!

We saw Shorts in Competition 4 today and saw a lovely little stop-motion film called 'Oh Willy'. It had a very sweet little fat boy in it.

I love seeing stuff in the Grande Salle. The atmosphere is brilliant with the paper airplane throwing and all of the cheering and clapping. It's nice to be somewhere where everyone really wants to watch all of the films and respects everyone's screenings. I'll definitely be booking more screenings in there next year.

After making a trip back to the place with the overpriced coffee, I ordered a different one and it only cost €1 and a little chocolate came with it! So who knows what extravagant drink I ordered first time! We then went to see 'Dr Seuss': The Lorax' in 3D. I'm not really a fan of 3D but it was actually pretty good and looked nice. It didn't distract too much from the story which i think it sometimes can. It was a great kids film and the characters are lovely. Danny Devito is the perfect voice for The Lorax!

It was them a quick turn around, out of the screen and back in, then onto the Graduation Shorts 3 at 11pm. There was an interesting mix of styles and techniques in this bunch and were all really good to watch. I don't think tomorrow is quite so busy so hopefully there will be time for a bit of a lay in!
We also found this amazing biscuit shop!

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