Monday, 9 September 2013

New stop-motion animated Flora "Wrestlers" by Josh. Animated & Directed by Catfish Collective.

So finally, FINALLY, I'm allowed to talk about the project we've been frantically working on since January at Catfish Collective HQ.  After months of research animatics, followed by months of pre-production and endless cutting out we finally began animating. Once the animating was done we moved on to days, hours and weeks of post-production. And below is our finished ad for Flora.

It's part of a new £12 million rebrand campaign for Unilever and will be accompanied by new packs, print work, in-store displays, posters and on-line elements.  It's quite exciting. Tiring, but exciting.

The ad has shocked a fair few people but at the same time has had people lolling their little socks off.  What do you think of it?


Here is a 10 second ad, which stars the endlessly energetic bouncing Bernie!



  1. A little unexpected and original! Loved the animation work.

    1. Hello! I've only just seen this comment, how strange. Thanks, glad you liked it. Have you seen the making of video?