Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Help Stop UK Puppy Farming

Now, I know this isn't animation related. But it is dog related, which is even more important.

There has been a petition set up by Super-vet Marc Abraham which will hopefully stop UK puppy and kitten farming.  I've only been aware of puppy farming since we got our bundle-of-fluff Bernie a year and half ago now. If it's something you don't know about it's definitely worth having a look into (  Once you've looked into I'm pretty sure you'll be sharing the petition around as much as you can to try and get the signatures required to put an end to it.

Puppy farms are where puppies are bred purely for profit. They are kept in truly awful conditions with no consideration for their health or happiness.  The puppies are then taken away from their mum and sold to pet shops, online or through other dealers and are usually very poorly and in pain.  Many of the puppies often die within a few days of arriving at their new home. 

'Most dog owners say they'd never buy a dog from a puppy farm, yet a large number will due to common scams especially by private dealers. This is exactly why Pup Aid have launched this e-petition. We need 100,000 signatures from the nation's animal lovers to make the Government listen and hopefully end this needless and preventable suffering for good.' - Marc Abraham

All photos are from @Pupaid

So please sign the petition & share it around wherever you can: 

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