Monday, 10 September 2012

Long live the King!

Behind the cameras of 'I was the one'
A few weeks ago I was involved in the making of a short film, so I took off my animation hat and popped on my costume hat.  The film is written and Directed by the stupidly talented Joe Patrick, Tim Bunn and Tim Woodall of 'The Girl is Mime' fame.

It was a project funded by 'Launchpad Reading' who are an amazing charity who 'help some of Reading’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people to turn around their lives and fulfil their potential'. The film included a mix of actors and clients from the charity working together for a very busy two days.  It will have it's premier in Reading towards the end of the year.

I've worked on costume on a few short films before but this one was definitely my favourite. The most time consuming bit was sticking hundreds and hundreds of jewels onto an Elvis jumpsuit to make it as spangly as possible. And it was worth every second (hour).

There will be a trailer made soon so keep an eye out.

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