Monday, 14 May 2012

A day I did some things..

I've decided that I don't draw enough. So to try and fix this I set myself a project called 'A day I did some things'.  I'm going to doodle a diary when I've had an interesting day, or just when I've done some things.  I originally wanted to do it every day, but seeing as I work from home it'd be quite boring and would mostly consist of.. I got up, got dressed, stroked Bernie, had a cup of tea. There might be the occasional bit of excitement when there was no milk, so I had a squash. Or if there was no squash I'd have water.

Well anyway, here's the first one..
If you like burgers and loud music and dark rooms then a trip to ::Meat Liquor:: is definitely for you.

And if you want to meet the friendliest bar staff in all the world you should look no further than the ::The Pink Chihuahua:: 

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