Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A knight in training..

Over the past few months I have seen no daylight and have been confined to the worlds darkest and messiest room, my studio. It's been a tough few months but i'm now happy to say that it all feels like it's been worth it. I've been lucky enough to be assistant director and animator on a short kiddies film called 'a knight in training' with the very brilliant Joe Orton. We made the film alongside s.p.i.d who are a wonderful youth organisation theatre company based in Ladbroke Grove who run workshops and productions who 'encourage typical hard-to-reach participants to get involved in the arts'. The story was written by them and, in-between the animating, Joe and I ran workshops on design, acting and sound design for the children to get involved with the production and preparation of the animation.

The whole film is stop motion which we shot using a combination of multi-plane and upright cut-outs. So there was lo-o-o-ts of sticking and cutting out to do.

The characters were beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey and I love them! We were also lucky enough to tempt the very talented sound designer Mark Ashworth (of 'Bobby Yeah' fame!). And not forgetting our much needed cutter-outer Amy Jennings! So a very lovely little team!

Here are a few stills from the finished film:

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