Friday, 16 March 2012

BUFF Film Festival, Malmö: day 2

Today we were up bright and early ready for the Being Bradford Dillman screening as well as a hunt for some breakfast. We had the biggest coffee I've ever seen in my life and sat for a bit while I panicked about having to introduce the film and do a Q&A after the screening. Thankfully it all went well and I managed to contain my nerves and wasn't sick on stage. It was an interesting and good selection of films so it's looking like a tough category for the 'best short film'.

After the screening it was definitely time for some ice-cream. Nutella and strawberry for me please. Malmö has got loads of lovely second hand shops and nice design shops so we had a mosey around those and then headed back to the
Victoriateatre to watch a Q&A with some of the directors from the feature films which are up for competition.

Then it was time for a nap.


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