Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ever had a DragonFrame and Canon D5 conflict...

Well.. I was on a shoot this week and we were using DragonFrame and a Canon D5. We'd used them together just a few weeks before and they got on like best friends, everything worked perfectly. But this week was a whole other story. We had a constant string of problems ranging from the camera disconnecting and resetting itself, Dragon losing it's live view feed and the trackpad and keyboard on my laptop not working. Oh no, not good. First of all I thought it was most likely my fault seeing as anything electrical or technical I touch breaks within minutes (i can't even count the number of printers I've been through!). So anyway, we finally figured out that all the problems were coming from being plugged into a Panasonic monitor! Weird huh? We were connected to the monitor so that the client and other people in the studio could see the live feed. So as soon as that was disconnected everything was working perfectly again. Another panasonic monitor was also draining the Nikon D700 camera batteries empty in just a few minutes and has also effected the electrical connections to the lens!

So I just wanted to pop this on here on the off chance of anyone ever having the same problem and hopefully saving you a whole-lotta-stress.

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