Friday, 24 February 2012

Being Bradford Dillman and the Berlinale Weekend!

Last weekend Emma and I went over to Berlin for the Berlinale Film Festival and to make sure that Molly and Bradford weren't getting up to too much trouble. It was a fleeting visit but it was amazing! I landed on Saturday morning at Berlin airport to find myself stranded in the middle of a public transport strike. I made a lucky guess, crossed my fingers, and got on the nearest train that was running in the hope that it would take me vaguely in the right direction towards the City centre. My German is embarrassingly bad and the only thing I can say is "ich mache meine hausaufgaben" (i did my homework).. which clearly, I had not. Thankfully I managed to fluke my way to the festival offices to pick up my festival accreditation bits'n'bobs (and the best festival bag I've ever seen) and settled in a coffee shop for a much needed coffee and giant pretzel.

Later I met up with Emma and we took photos of each other standing in front of various things with the Berlinale logo on. I won't bore you with all of them, but here's one just to prove i was really there.

After having a wander and 4 more cups of coffee we headed over to the awards ceremony. We were up for an award in the Generation KPlus programme. Unfortunately we didn't win, but the film that won is possibly one of the best short films I've ever seen so I'm happy about that. It was a film called 'Julian' by Matthew Moore, if you get a chance to see it then you should! It's, like, well funny. Then it was on to the the after party! Towards the end of the night it was casually dropped on us.. oh are you ready for your Q&A at tomorrow's screeings? We looked at each other. We were not. Time for bed.

There were festival programmes on boards all over the city and you can see Being Bradford Dillman just there, below, right there, you might need to squint a little, but it is there! See? We missed a screening earlier in the week and also the Friday screening, but lucky for us it had 2 screenings on Sunday. As we were in the Generation KPlus Programme which is judged by children, the first Q&A was a 400 seater auditorium filled with children. The film got a great response and lots of laughs and even a double clap which was nice. And as we got up on stage we were presented with a bunch o' lovely yellow and orange flowers. Thankfully there weren't many questions and the nerves started to ease after a while. I'm beginning to learn that things like that are never quite as bad as they seem.

Before we knew it the weekend was over and we were sat on the plane in desperate need of a shower and a sleep. Goodbye Berlinale, I shall miss you. Hopefully see you again soon.

If you wanted to have a look at some more photos from the weekend they'll be up soon on the Being Bradford Dillman Facebook page.

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  1. Things are still going great for Molly lol, and you Daniella. Hope the ride doesn't end anytime soon. Take care,