Thursday, 8 December 2011

Twittering machine animations

This week I've been confined to the darkness of the spare room while I completed the animations I'm making for the new Horse + Bamboo production 'The Twittering Machine'. The animations are going to be projected in the show as tv adverts and news reports.

Here is a photo of the iNightingale character on my multi-plane table. The card underneath was curling and made a good shadow.
It is showing this week, December 10th-17th, so if you're up near Rossendale go, go, go!


  1. Great animations - the first 4 shows of Twittering Machine have happened this weekend; much enjoyed by the audiences, and everyone commenting on how great your animations were, and how brilliantly they fitted into the whole story and the set. Go to Horse + Bamboo on Facebook for a sample of Daniella's animations for the show -

  2. Looks fantastic! Really nice textures and colours.