Wednesday, 4 August 2010

update.... Loose Moose

i haven't updated this in a while so here goes...

since my last post i have:
1.) quit my job in manchester
2.) moved down to london
3.) got an animation job at Loose Moose Productions (have a look at them) in soho.

i'm currently working on animating a 12 minute short film called 'Being Bradford Dillman' using cut-out multi plane animation. here are some photos of the setup in the studio. it has been written by Emma Burch and Pete Williamson and also illustrated by Pete Williamson, look at his illustrations he's basically amazing.

animation stand
lighting setup.

Peter Ellmore set up the lights and taught me loads about it so i'm going to try out some different lighting effects during the shoot. Have a look at some of Peters stuff, he's very good (

I got the dope sheet back the other day...
here it is balanced on my knee.
it definitely makes everything feel a bit more real when you see 12 minutes of animation on paper.

and last but not least... here is Molly, sitting on my notebook.

i'll let you know how it goes..

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